1 Looking at . . . Plesiosaurus

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Looking at . . . Plesiosaurus

Written by Heather Amery

Illustrated by Tony Gibbons

Reviewed by Cameron E. (age 8)

Looking at . . . Plesiosaurus

This book is a non-fiction book about a type of dinosaur called a plesiosaurus. Plesiosaurus is a water dinosaur that swims with no gills. Plesiosaurus’s name means near reptile. The book shows lots of pictures that tell about the bones and what the skin might have looked like. It also tells lots of facts, such as it was a carnivore and it was not very smart because it had a very small brain. I like this book because it is about a dinosaur and I like dinosaurs. This book makes me happy because it reminds me of a fossil battle on my video game. There is something unique because it is dinosaur book I had never read, and now I have read all of the dinosaur books in our library. I think the illustrations are cool. This story reminded me of when I was in a swim meet because the dinosaurs swim fast like I do in my swim meets. I would recommend this book because I learned a lot from it and it was really cool. I would especially recommend the book to my friend Cash because he likes dinosaurs like I do. I think everyone would like the part where a girl is on his back because the dinosaur is going super fast and the girl is about to fall off.