1 Cub in the Cupboard

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Cub in the Cupboard

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas

Reviewed by Emma Claire G. (age 8)

Cub in the Cupboard

Cub in the Cupboard is about a fox cup that gets locked in a cupboard. Mandy and James find the box when they sneak into where the cupboard is. They risk being caught to save him. Eventually a man named Sam Western saw Mandy and James holding the cub. He wanted to capture the cub and kill it. Mandy and James had some scary times as they protected the cub. I like this book because Lucky the fox cub is so cute. My favorite part is when Mandy and James let Lucky and his mother free in the wild. This book reminds me of the time my dog got lost and we went looking for her. We found our dog-finally! I would recommend this book because the fox cub is funny and very cute. I would also recommend this book for older kids because it has some challenging words in it. I think people would most like the part when Mandy and James let the foxes go. It’s a happy time because the foxes can be in the wild again.