1 Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

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Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdoca

Reviewed by Emma Grace T. (age 8)

Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

This book is about a little girl named Annie and a boy named Jack on a trip to the jungle to meet the gorillas. They meet the gorillas at night when it is raining. Jack is really scared but Annie feels happy because she loves gorillas. They try to find a special magic that will tell them who owns the tree house. When they find that special magic it helps them get back home safely. I like this book because it is not like most Magic Tree House mysteries I have read – it’s something new. Some of the Magic Tree House books are in cold places but not in places with leaves and plants and things like that. This book, though, is in rain forest, and I love the rain forest. My favorite thing about the book was that it had hand signs because I can read hand signs and know what they are saying. When I read this book I feel happy because I like gorillas. I would recommend this book because I like gorillas and the story is about gorillas. I would recommend this book to any body that likes The Magic Tree House series because it is one of this series. They would like the end when Jack and Annie figure out the mystery because of most of my friends who read Magic Tree House books like it when they figure out the mystery.