1 Thank You, Sarah

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Thank You, Sarah

Written by Laurie Halse Anderson

Illustrated by Matt Faulkner

Reviewed by Nina D. (age 7)

Thank You, Sarah

This story is about a girl named Sarah who wanted our whole country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Sarah decided to write a letter to the President to have Thanksgiving made a national holiday. Sarah sent letters to four different Presidents, but they all said no. When Abraham Lincoln became President, Sarah wrote him a letter, too, and he said yes! Sarah saved Thanksgiving. I like the book because I think it’s cool and funny. I like the part of the book when Abraham Lincoln says yes to Sarah. I also like the part when in the picture you can see people climb around his head. This is like a book that I read two years ago called Penguin Sliding. In both books someone keeps on going and doesn’t give up. I would recommend this book because I like the part when all the Presidents say no. I think my friends in my neighborhood would like this book because they like it when people say no. To them it makes people mad; it’s like a challenge to work harder to make things happen. They’d especially like the picture when Abraham Lincoln says yes because it seems like a good ending to the story.