1 Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

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Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

Written by Judy Blume

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Jenna B. (age 8)

Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great

This book is about a girl named Sheila who went to Tarrytown for the summer. She met a girl named Mouse who is the best yo-yoer in town and is also a very honest and trustworthy friend. Sheila wants people to like her and to think she is smart so she lies a lot. Her parents told her that she had to go to swimming lessons but she was afraid to put her head under the water. What happens to Sheila during swimming lessons? Did Mouse still want to be her friend even though Sheila lies? You have to read this book to find out!

My favorite part is when Shelia tries to yo-yo like Mouse and she has a very silly fit. The character Mouse teaches me to always tell the truth. I can also relate to this book because Shelia did not like to take swimming lessons, and I don’t like swimming lessons. I wish this book included illustrations because it would make the book better and kids would be able to see the characters. This book is part of a series and is a lot like Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

I recommend this book for kids that do not want to get in the water. I also recommend this book to children 7 years and up. I hope you enjoy this book!