1 My Ol' Man

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My Ol' Man

Written by Patricia Polacco

Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Ryan (age 7) & Marie (age 9)

My Ol' Man

This is a book about two children and their grandpa. They went to Michigan, and they can tell their grandpa’s limo from a mile away. He always gets home at 4:00. Then grandpa lets the children ride in the limo and took them to Potter’s Pond. They found a big rock, and grandpa whispered , “Its magic.” Richie said, “It’s just a dumb old rock.” He went up to the rock, and step by step he whispered, “Its magic.” Read the book and you can find out what happens to the magic rock.

I like this book because I love all of the author’s pictures. Marie likes it because like Ryan said, “I like the pictures, too.” This book relates to our grandpas. He always likes to take us on adventures.

The words are kind of hard so we would recommend this book to ages 7-18. My partner Ryan would give these 7 out of 10 magic rocks. I would give these 10 out of 10 magic rocks.