1 The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Michael A. (age 10)

The Lightning Thief

I read the book Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief. This book is about a boy named Perceas Jackson, Percy for short, with a pretty unusual life. It all started when Percy goes on a class field trip to a Greek mythology museum. His math teacher (Mrs. Dodds) wants to talk to him. They enter the building and Mrs. Dodds turns into a fuiry, a greek monster that is terrifying. Their breath burns and poisonous blood drips from their eyes. Their heads are wreathed in snakes and it starts attacking Percy! Then all of a sudden Percy's Latin teacher (Mr. Brunner) comes in and throws him a ball point pen and tells him to click it, so he did. In a few seconds the pen wasn't a pen anymore, it was a bronze sword! Mrs. Dodds was coming fast so Percy swung the sword and hit it. Mrs. Dodds turned into yellow powder leaving nothing but the smell of sulfur, a dying screech, and a chill of evil air. When school is out, he and Grover (his best friend)head into New York. When the bus brakes down everybody has to get out and on the sidewalk. There were three old ladies knitting a giant pair of socks. They seemed to be looking directly at Percy. Then, one of the ladies pulled out a really big pair of scissors and cut the string and the snap was so dreaded and loud you could hear it all the way on the other side of New York. Once the bus was fixed Grover was shaking with fear. Percy ditches Grover when he is taking a bathroom break because he is terrified. When he gets home, Percy goes to his room and is thinking about what has happened to him in the last few days. When his mother walks in it melts all his fear away. She tells him that they are going to Montauk, Long Island. When they were about to leave, Gabe tells Percy that he doesn't want a scratch on his 86' Camero. Like he was going to be the one driving when he was only 12! The night they get to Montauk, Percy has a very strange dream. There is a eagle and a horse fighting on a beach. Percy wakes up in terror to a noise coming from outside the cabin. To find out what happens to Percy next, make sure to read The Lightning Theif.

I loved this book because there is lots of action and it is really funny. My favorite part is when Percy fights Ares, the god of war and I think that Percy is a lot like me because he is heroic and adventurous. This is my favorite part because he is losing and injured. He walks into the ocean because his father is Posieden. When he is in the ocean the water strengthens him and he defeats Ares. I wish I could use water to help me out when I feel weak or hurt. This book is like no book I ever read.

I would especially recommend this book to people who like action, funny books, and Greek Mythology. I think kids who are eight and older would enjoy this book because you need to be old enough to understand Greek Mythology. It would be a good idea to learn a little about Greek Mythology before you read this book. I saw the movie, but the book was much better because the movie left out too many good parts.