1 Stubby and the Puppy Pack

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Stubby and the Puppy Pack

Written by Nikki Walace

Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Camille U. (age 9)

Stubby and the Puppy Pack

Most of the characters in the book are animals. The main character is Stubby the cat and she has guards. The guards are dogs. They are nice dogs to Stubby. They protect Stubby. One day they wanted to go to the meadow. When they went to the meadow they saw something white. The dogs didn't know what it was. They wanted to find out. To find out what happens when Stubby came along read this book.

The lesson in this book is that it's always good to do the right thing. I think that the author is trying to tell you in the book that it's also not good to fight with people 'cause everyone knows that it's very bad to fight.

In the book Stubby reminds me of my sister because in the book Stubby is brave. My sister is brave. My favorite part is when they try saving Kilie because it helps you be more friendly to someone you don't like. What I think of the book is that it is a very good book because it tells you about being friendly to those you do and don't like.

You should like it if you like a kind of book that has an animal telling the story. I like it and I think you should read it.