1 The Last Olympian

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The Last Olympian

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Christian H. (age 10)

The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian is the best book that I have ever read in the Percy Jackson series. I think this book is good for boys and maybe for girls who like action books. The first few chapters of the book were really boring, but once you get past those chapters you're going to read some pages that have a lot of action in them. The first chapter of the book is about when Percy and his friends go to the beach. I got bored reading that chapter, but the other chapters of the book are really interesting. This book of the Percy Jackson series is about when Percy goes on a dangerous quest. The whole book of the Last Olympian is about Percy battling his last opponent to complete his mission.

The people that Percy battled were Titans and Cyclops. Some Olympians in the book are good, but some are traitors and work with Hades. Percy has to save Olympus because the last evil titan is still alive and Percy has to defeat him. The first book in the series is called "The Lightning Theif" and it talks about Olympus and the Olympians. Readers need to read "The Lightning Theif" in order to understand all the other books in the series.

The middle of the book is about when Rachel keeps arguing and calling herself a dementer, and she thinks the Olympians are going to lose the war against the Titans. That's why this chapter is called Rachel makes a bad deal.

The whole book is about the Olympians and Titans who are fighting because in the first book Percy stole the lightning bolt from an evil titan in laberynth, also known as the underworld. So now the the Titans are trying to steal the bolt back and the Olympians are protecting it. Now that Percy has powers and is a god he can protect it on his own, but since a lot of Titans are coming he needs some help. That's what the whole story is about.

The Last Olympian is a really good fiction book to read to boys because it has lots of action and a lot of big words in it. The big words in the book can help me understand it and it will make me use those big words. Percy is my favorite character because he can control all water. I wish I could use this power to make a swimming pool in my backyard. Hades was the most interesting bad guy because he controlled the underworld. The worst thing he did in the book was when he tried to kill Percy by shooting fireballs at him.

I would love to recommend this book to anyone. I would also like to recomend this book to people who like fiction and action book. The last Olympian is the best, thrilling action adventure book I have ever read.