1 Emergency Vehicles

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Emergency Vehicles

Written by Weldon Owen

Illustrated by William Mark

Reviewed by VincieI (age 6)

This book is about rescue vehicles. It has fire engines, police cars, rescue helicopters, ambulances and fireboats. It teaches you about all of them. It shows the tools in the fire truck and the ambulances and how helicopters can fly down and rescues people who fell down a cliff.

I like this book because I am going to be a fireman and I have to know about the rescue vehicles. My favorite part is the picture of the yellow pumper truck because that is the kind of truck I am going to drive. I also like the helicopters. I liked the pictures of the firemen putting out the fire, the firemen are my favorite characters. This book is like my other firemen books I have. I haven’t read any other books by this author. I like the pictures because they are real pictures of firemen and police men, not drawings. This book is nice because it shows rescue vehicles from all over the world helping people. I always get excited when I read this book. It makes me wonder about why they have all the different tools in the trucks. This book reminds me of when I went to visit the real firemen and got to ride in the truck.

I would recommend this book to kids who want to be a fireman or police man or a paramedic. I think they would enjoy all the pictures.