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Written by Susan Meddaugh

Reviewed by Juliet W. (age 5)


This book is about Martha, a dog that can speak. Helen gives Martha alphabet soup and it goes up to Martha’s brain instead of down in her stomach. The dog talks through every movie the family tries to watch. There’s a burglar in the story that comes in and gives the dog some alphabet soup.

My favorite part of the story is when Martha first starts talking. The family is really surprised. They look at the dog like, “What’s happening! What did our dog just do?”

I really like puppies, dog and animals, so Martha is my favorite character in the story. I really wish dogs would speak.

I thought it was a funny book because dogs can’t talk. I felt sad for Martha when she was feeling bad.

I do recommend Martha Speaks. I think kids would like this book because kids like dogs.

(This review was dictated to the teacher.)