1 There Is a Bird on Your Head!

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There Is a Bird on Your Head!

Written by Mo Willems

Illustrated by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Skyler F (age 6)

There Is a Bird on Your Head!

Do you like books about funny animals? This book is about a bird on the elephant’s head, and he won’t get off. The bird fell in love with another bird, and they made a nest on the elephant’s head. They laid eggs and the eggs hatched. The bird fed the baby birds worms, and the elephant says “aaaaaaa!” because he’s surprised. The pig just stares at him. The birds move to somewhere else. Read this book to find out.

My favorite part is when the bird was on the elephant’s head because it was weird and funny. I like the elephant and the pig because they are funny.

People should read this book because it is funny. My friend Aloa would like this book because she loves animals.