The Children We Remember

Written by Chana Byers Abells
Illustrated by Archives of Yad Vashem

Reviewed by Melissa L (age 11)


This is a sad story of the Holocaust... This book is about how innocent Jewish children suffered during the holocaust. Before the Nazis came, Jewish children were happy. Then they were forced to live in the streets or put to their death. The horror! But wait, some of the children lived! They escaped to hide in the forest, or got rescued by Christian families or other countries. Some pretended to be nuns, so the Nazis wouldn’t recognize them. The Nazis blamed the Jews for their problems, but the lesson of the story is to figure out what is causing the problems before you blame someone!

The book is really sad, because innocent Jews were treated badly or were killed. I think it’s cruel, it’s just horrible! The pictures in the book are photos of real Jewish children and all relate to what I just said. My favorite part is when some Jews got rescued. That was a really wonderful part. I just really, really loved that part! GO Jews!

The people that should read this book are some kids that like history or want to learn about the Holocaust.

Melissa L is a student in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center