1 The Shark God

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The Shark God

Written by Rafe Martin

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Rolando C (age 9)

Have you ever heard the story of Noah's ark? This book is about an evil king that wants to kill two kids that play his drum. The children try to escape from the soldiers who work for the evil king. Then, the parents of the kids went to ask the Shark God if he could help them. The Shark God told them to build a boat. Then, he destroyed the Island with a big flood, while the family was safe. I learned to not mess with the environment in this book.

I liked the book because the character, the Shark God, helps people and listens to what the people are trying to say. My favorite part of the book is when the Shark God is helping the people, because that is a nice thing to do. The Shark God is helping the people by flooding the island and keeping the kids and the parents safe. I liked the pictures because it reminded me of Noah's ark. I think the illustrations look beautiful because of the colors and the shapes. This book is not the same as the other books I read, and that's why I liked it. The other books that I read don't include stories about caring and saving things. I felt happy and sad at the same part because the kids were grabbed by bad people and put into a jail, but then the kids got rescued from jail. The book makes me feel happy and joyful, and there is not violence.

A person who would like this book would be my friend, Jacob because he likes books that have a lot of colors. My other friend, Neil, would like this book because he likes books that are filled with action.