1 Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

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Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Written by Dav Pilkey

Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Genessis C (age 8)

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Do you like Thanksgiving? This is a wonderful story called, "‘Twas the night Before Thanksgiving." It is about eight children that go to a turkey farm and visit a man, Mr. Mack Nuggett. He is a mean, old, fat guy who wants to eat the turkeys, but the children love the turkeys. Will Mr. Mack Nuggett kill the turkeys? Find out, and read this book today!

I think that the book was okay. It was kind of funny and somewhat silly because the kids put their turkeys behind their shirts. I think that the pictures that Dav Pilkey drew were funny because the children were acting funny. My favorite part was when they were hiding the turkeys, because the kids didn’t want Mr. Mack Nuggett to kill the turkeys. The story reminds me of when my sister was hiding my homework, and I got really mad. I was getting really mad like a little ant because if I didn’t do my homework, then my teacher would get mad.

I would recommend this to my sister because she really wants to be funny, and she always makes me laugh. She is as funny as the kids that Dav Pilkey drew. I really recommend it to my sister. She even acts like a little, funny monkey!