1 I, Crocodile

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I, Crocodile

Written by Fred Marcellino

Illustrated by Fred Marcellino

Reviewed by Calvin T (age 8)

I, Crocodile

Do you like great stories about crocodiles???? If you do, then you should read "I, CROCODILE!" It is about a crocodile who is captured and brought to Paris . This crocodile is a funny dancer. This crocodile does not eat people, because the people in Egypt treat him and his ancestors like real gods!! This crocodile is a very fat one and a tall one too!! This crocodile had pointy-eyeteeth and looks like it is 7 feet tall!!! He is twice as tall as two people!!!! This crocodile is a very lazy animal. I thought the machine that carried the crocodile was useful. The machine was like a hand. But it was bigger than a human’s hand. I wonder how the hand could hold the heavy crocodile? Now, the person who captured him wants to eat him!!! What will he do??? Find out in this funny book.

This book was great because it had a lot of funny pictures. My favorite part was when everybody did the crocodile walk. I thought it was very creative. The characters I disliked were Napoleon because Napoleon thought he owned the world. I also disliked the boy who called the crocodile a loser, because that was so mean. As I read the book, I felt bad for the crocodile because he was losing attention. I thought the illustrations were great, because they were colorful.

I would recommend this book to kids who love humor. The book might look boring, but it is funny. I am sure it will make kids laugh out loud. Other people should read this book, because the pictures have a lot of details, like the machine that captures the crocodile. Anyways, read the book and love it. Crunch!