1 What Would Joey Do?

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What Would Joey Do?

Written by Jack Gantos

Reviewed by Lori S. (age 12)

What  Would Joey Do?

Do your parents fight a lot? What do you do? Do you try and help out? What about other people? Do you ever think of how other kids might feel? This book has 229 short and easy pages. This story is about a kid whose parents are in a big fight. The dad (Carter Pigza) is now living on the streets and wants to win Fran (the mom) back. Joey is the kid, and he is trying to help, but his grandmother is telling him to leave them alone. That is the lesson learned right there. Don't help people if they don't want your help, or if it's no use. Joey Pigza is home schooled by a neighbor who has a blind daughter named Olivia. It is amazing to see her work.

What Would Joey do? is such a good book. At the beginning it wasn't that good. It didn't have enough action or excitement, but I could tell it would get better. It turned out to be a good book because the excitement popped out, I felt like I was there. My favorite part would have to be the part where Joey's dog was missing. He looked everywhere and it really showed how much he cared. It reminds me of every time we get a cat, it seems to run away. My favorite character is Joey. He is a wild kid, and he learns much throughout the story. This book is in a series, but in this book you can tell Joey gets a little more mature. This series includes Joey Pigza swallowed a key and Joey Pigza looses control. So far this book is the most exciting.

I absolutely recommend this book to kids from grades 4-6. It might be too hard for kids under fourth grade, but any age would like it.