1 Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School Series #12)

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Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School Series #12)

Written by Dan Gutman

Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Taylor R. (age 12)

Ms. Todd Is Odd! (My Weird School Series #12)

Have you ever walked in a class with a sub teacher? Don't you just hate it? Most of the time kids goof off when there is a sub in the classroom. Or talk a lot. Some kids are quiet and do what they are suppose to be doing.

This book is about students in the second grade and how they misbehave in class when they have a substitute teacher . AJ annoys the teacher all the time by faking a cough and making loud noises. Sometimes I do that because I don't like the subs because they get really annoying.

It reminds me when we have substitute teachers and our regular teacher is sick or they are in a meeting. Some are really mean and some of them are really nice. Like for example they yell at you for no reason and they say, Oh I'm going to tell your teacher when you didn't do anything. When subs are in the classroom they sometimes do things differently than the regular teacher. Then sometimes it bugs the class. We have no idea what the sub teacher is talking about. It gets confusing because they are talking about something totally different than the normal teacher talks about. Substitute teachers are odd because I don't know if they are mean or nice, or what to say to them.

I would recommend this book to third graders on up. It is an easy read and it is funny because AJ is annoying the teacher and that is funny.