1 Hush

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Written by Jacqueline Woodson

Reviewed by Austin W. (age 12)


Hush is a mysterious book that will always keep you guessing throughout the whole story. This book is about a Dad (a police officer) who witnesses his partners kill a good friend of his. For their explanation, his partners said, ”We thought he was reaching for a gun.” Still the Dad wasn't convinced and decides to talk to the District Attorney. He is given choice whether to testify or not. Afterwards, the whole family has to change their names and move out of state. From there, everything goes bad so all they can do is just wait for something good to happen.

I think the book was good because the author of Hush always keep you guessing the whole time. Not to mention the lesson in this book is everything bad can turn out good, including that seemingly unforgivable lies can always be forgiven. Not to forget the author always made it seem like I was part of the book from time to time. I think the family was also in distress most of the story with nothing to do.

I recommend this fantastic book to ages nine and up and to my sister because she loves mysterious and unpredictable books. Even adults would love this fantastic book.