1 Numbering All the Bones

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Numbering All the Bones

Written by Ann Rinaldi

Reviewed by Rachel R. (age 12)

Numbering All the Bones

Numbering all the Bones is the story of the heart breaks, miseries, and lessons of a young girl. Eulinda (13) tells us the story of her slowly shrinking family, and her loss of friends (not the way you and I do). The story takes place in the year 1864. She lived on a plantation with all the other slaves. Unlike the other slaves, she was treated better.

In my opinion it was not an exciting book. It didn't make me want to read more. The book did not have enough mystery. It was confusing in parts, so I did not always want to read it. It was just another Civil War story to me. I sort of lagged through it, but I shouldn't keep you from reading it. I like the stories with action and adventure; it was more of a story about coming of age, finding out who you are. The story was predictable. It was peaceful because it did not leave me in suspense. It was not my type.

If you are like me, you would the main character to be the same age as you, so good ages would be 10-15. Otherwise I would not recommend this book at all. I did not like this 170-page book.