1 Numbering All the Bones

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Numbering All the Bones

Written by Ann Rinaldi

Reviewed by Sophia N. (age 12)

Numbering All the Bones

This 170-page book is about a young black girl during the Civil War. Her name is Eulinda. She lives on a plantation with other slaves, but she has more freedom than the others. One day another slave tells Eulinda that she needs to make herself come true. What this slave means is, she wants Eulinda to do more with herself than just stay on the plantation and do nothing but work. What does this young black slave do to make herself come true? Throughout this book Eulinda tries to do so.

The only thing about this book is it leaves you hanging off a cliff wondering what's next. Some people may not mind that...., but I do. I always love it when there is a complete ending so you don't wonder what's next. This book was also boring in most parts and made you not want to read any more or get side tracked. The book was dry too where there was no descriptive or exciting parts. Other than that, this book was great! I think it is so cool when Miss Clara helped Eulinda fix the graveyard that Eulinda's brother was buried in. After that, Miss Clara sort of took Eulinda in as her own child. That was my favorite part.

I recommend this book to 9-13 year olds, and anyone who doesn't mind hanging off of a cliff. I hope you like this book.