1 Beyond Reach

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Beyond Reach

Written by Melody Carlson

Reviewed by Jamaica E. (age 12)

Beyond Reach

Beyond Reach is a book about a girl named Samantha and how she gets dreams or visions from God. In the book before this one, Samantha was helping the police try and find a captured girl. In this book, Samantha is given a dream or vision about a suicidal person. As she tried to find him, she met Garrett and thought that it could never be him. Was it him?

I think this book is totally awesome because Melody Carlson writes her story about something that has happened to a friend or someone she knew. My favorite part is when Samantha and Ebony were on the plane because it makes the book have an exciting beginning. I love the way the author writes . She makes you want to just read and read and not put the book down . When Melody Carlson writes, she makes it so you get a clear picture in your head about what is going on in the book . That is why I like her writing.

I would say that preteens or girls who are between 10-15 would understand this book. It is also for readers who like to be in the action or know what the character is saying all through the book. I think people will like this book because the characters and the story line is exciting. So I recommend that you go out and read Beyond Reach.