1 Bunnicula

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Written by Deborah and James Howe

Illustrated by Alan Danieil

Reviewed by Cade B. (age 8)


There is a new pet in the Monroe household. It's small and fluffy. It's Bunnicula the vampire bunny! Bunnicula sucks the juices out of vegetables.

I liked the illustrations. There were lots of pictures. They were detailed but had no color. There were pictures of Bunnicula, Chester and Harold. They would have been better with color. I felt excited while reading the book because you never knew what was next. I liked Harold. He was very funny. Once he almost forgot what the word "is" meant. My favorite part was when Chester was pounding a steak on Bunnicula when he was sleeping. When the Monroe's got home he was not done, he got thrown out the door.

I recommend this book to second through fourth grade students because of tough words and the amount of pages. People who like vampire and horror books will like this story.