1 Warriors: Into the Wild

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Warriors: Into the Wild

Written by Erin Hunter

Reviewed by Katie P. (age 9)

Warriors: Into the Wild

The book I read is about a "Kittypet" who wants to be wild. A Kittypet is a cat that belongs to humans. Finally, the Kittypet, named Rusty (later renamed Firepaw), escapes from the humans and joins Thunderclan, a group of wildcats. The main idea is that people who are different aren't worse than those who are alike. One time it shows that some people don't like those who are different is when, a cat called Longtail says, "A Kittypet in Thunderclan?'' using an unkind voice.

I liked this book because it was funny when they were playing and exciting when they were fighting. I thought it was a good book. I liked Graystripe, who is Firepaw's friend, because he is nice, funny and caring. I also liked the Thunderclan leader, Bluestar, because she was fair, strong, and kind. This story was like other books by Erin Hunter. It is the first book in the Warrior series. All of the books are about Firepaw's adventures. They are all good.

I recommend this book because it is funny, detailed and full of adventuress. Some of the times it is detailed is when the author describes the cats. I think people in third grade and up would like this book. People who like cats and talking animals would like this book.