1 Frindle

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Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Reviewed by Gabriel P. (age 8)


My name is Gabriel and I read "Frindle". Frindle is about a boy, Nick Allen, that is very risky. He did something that made the teachers mad. The big idea was that Nick is really risky, and he learned a valuable lesson because he took a risk. The lesson was that Nick learned not to be so risky because that could get you into a lot of trouble. Nick made lots of trouble with the teachers. Lots of teachers were mad about it, but the most angry out of all was Miss Granger. She was the most strict teacher out of all of them, and she really liked the dictionary. Whenever a student asked how to spell a word, she would just say, "Dictionary." But one day Nick and his friend were walking home and playing a game at the same time when he saw a pen. Then an idea hit him, he would make up a new word that stands for pen. After that at the end he learned the lesson.

I liked it because it was cool, the people were really interesting, and Nick was risky. The lesson he learned was that sometimes you have to set a limit. One of the bad things that he did was that he turned his classroom into a tropical island! It was cool because Nick went on adventures and stuff because he was so risky. There were lots of characters that I liked because they were detailed and I really liked Nick Allen. I think he would be a good friend. I felt interested because it's a good story, and it had lots of detail describing what they were doing. I think this book is really good. It's good because the story is detailed and the characters have lots of descriptions.

I recommend this book to readers eight to 16 years old. People that like to take risks would like this book.