1 Molly's Pilgrim

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Molly's Pilgrim

Written by Barbara Cohen

Illustrated by Daniel Mark Duffy

Reviewed by Madison A. (age 8)

Molly's Pilgrim

I read the book Molly's Pilgrim. It is about a girl who goes to school. She gets picked on by some girls because she doesn't talk English.

I liked the illustrations because it was very shaded and the pictures helped explain the story better. One of the pictures was Molly smiling at a doll. My favorite part is when Emma said it was the most beautiful doll of all. Emma was one of the girls that picked on Molly. I think the story was both mean and sad, but it ended up being very good and happy.

There were characters that I liked. My favorite character was Molly. Molly was also the main character. I liked Molly because she was very kind and a nice girl. When I read the book it made me feel a little sad because I would be mad and sad when some one made fun of me.

I would recommend this book for people in kindergarten through high school. I think a reader that is a kid might like it because it is a good story.