1 The Littles Give a Party

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The Littles Give a Party

Written by John Peterson

Illustrated by Jacccqueline Rogers and Roberta Carter Clark

Reviewed by Tracy S. (age 8)

The Littles Give a Party

The Littles are planning a party. They are having the family together. The party is for Granny Little. They are having it on the Big's roof. They have a swimming pool. They took Henry's airplane to get lots of people. Tom Little, Uncle Pete, and Lucy did a Little Red Riding Hood play. Uncle Pete was the wolf, he howled and howled. Uncle Pete forgot his lines, so Lucy and Tom had to whisper his lines to him. Everybody heard everything except Granny Little. She said, why are you laughing?

I like the book because it is a happy story. I liked when they did a Red Riding Hood play. I liked Lucy because she is cool, happy, and nice. I felt happy because Granny Little is going to have a birthday.

I recommend the book to second, third and fourth grade students. The "Littles Give a Party" is a great book.