1 Shakespeare's Secret

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Shakespeare's Secret

Written by Elise Broach

Reviewed by Amanda (age 10)

Shakespeare's Secret

This book is about a 12 year old girl named Hero who loves adventure. When she has to deliver some scissors to her neighbor she finds out that a 17 carat diamond is hidden somewhere in her house. She doesn't dare tell anyone.

On the first day of school, she's late because she has to take a 1st grader to class. To make matters worse, everyone makes fun of her because of her name. On Friday she meets the cutest boy in 8th grade. He knows Mrs. Roth because the boy, Danny, did yard work for her.

Hero tells Mrs. Roth she is going to look for the diamond if she's alone over the weeked. She looks everywhere, but can't find it, so she goes to police headquarters with Danny to find out more about the mystery. They find out that Mrs. Roth is the ex-wife of the suspected thief! They also find out that Mrs. Roth had a daughter who ran aay.

Hero and Danny decide to search for the diamond again. They check every single lightbulb, even the one on the porch. That is where the diamond is hidden! Danny says he should keep it with him. The next day they tell Mrs. Roth where the diamond was. Danny tells her he sent it to his mom, who left when he was five. Mrs. Roth shows them a picture of her daughter, who turns out to be Danny's mother. Everyone ends up living happily!

I would change the part of the story where Danny says he sent the diamond to his mom because Mrs. Roth really wanted to see it. My favorite part is when Hero find the diamond because it was exciting and made me want to read more. Hero is my favorite character because she is the type of girl that focuses on something and never gives up.

I think people should read this story because it is an engrossing mystery about an amazing 12 year old girl's life.