1 The Haunted School

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The Haunted School

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Emily O. (age 9)

The Haunted School

This story is about two kids named Thalia and Tommy. They both are looking for paint. Ben is Tommy and Thalia’s friend. Ben finds an old elevator and thinks it will take him to the top floor, but it goes sideways. That is when they find Gray World. Ben and Tommy need to get out of Gray World. Thalia is still in the real world. She needs to get to her friends again. Read the rest to see what Gray World is and to see what happens next.

My favorite part was when Seth, a Gray World kid, saved Ben and Tommy from other Gray World kids. The Gray World kids were trying to make Tommy and Ben jump off a cliff. I like that part because it was fascinating and cool.

When I read the book, it made me think that I would not want to be there. It would be scary and terrifying. If you were there, you would turn gray, but you have until your whole body turns gray. When your whole body is gray you have to stay there forever.

My favorite character was Tommy because he was the main character. Tommy and Ben were trapped together. In the beginning, Tommy hit his head on the gym floor. Tommy is shy, because when he hit his head, a lot of kids came by and he was shy around them.

I recommend this book to kids who can read chapter books.