1 Amber the Orange Fairy

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Amber the Orange Fairy

Written by Daisy Meadows

Illustrated by Georgie Ripper

Reviewed by Miranda M. (age 7)

Amber the Orange Fairy

In this story two girls are trying to help a fairy get home to the fairyland palace. The girls are Rachel and Kirsty. The setting is at the beach. The evil Jack Frost is trying to destroy the Fairy Kingdom. Jack Frost is the evil king of frost. The girls have lockets with fairy dust inside them that the queen and king gave them. They can turn into fairies. Read on to find out if they can defeat the evil Jack Frost.

My favorite part was when Rachel and Kirsty found Amber at the beach because about half of their mission was over. Amber is an orange fairy. Now all they had to do was defeat the evil Jack Frost. Amber was in a clam and they found sparkles flowing out of the clam, but they didn’t know that there was a fairy inside.

When I read the book I felt excited. I felt excited to see if they were going to find a fairy or if it could just be some water in the clam. I felt interested when they looked inside the shell.

I liked Rachel and Kirsty because they were courageous. They were also helpful and nice. They were brave enough to help the fairy get home.

I recommend this book to people ages seven to fifteen and grades two through eight. I recommend this book to kids who like magical things.