1 A-Z Mysteries: The Bald Bandit

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A-Z Mysteries: The Bald Bandit

Written by Ron Roy

Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Eli S. (age 8)

A-Z Mysteries:  The Bald Bandit

This story is about a bandit who robbed a bank. Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose are on the case. Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose are kid detectives. They heard that somebody videotaped the robbery. There is a detective trying to find the bandit. His name is Detective Reddy and he looks very suspicious. I think you should read this book to find out how they find the bandit.

My favorite part was when Ruth Rose decided to dress up like Elvis Presley. She even had a mini guitar. Dink’s mom was shocked by how Ruth Rose looked.

I like The Bald Bandit because it is full of mysteries. It has very interesting characters. I like Josh because he is a big slob.

I like the illustrations because they are not quite filled in. I like how they are black and white. I like the backgrounds.

I recommend this book to people ages eight to one hundred. People who like mysteries will like this book.