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Written by TED DEKKER

Reviewed by Hunter M. (age 11)


This story is about a group of friends named Johnis, Billos, Darsel, and Silvie. The story takes place in the year 4000 A.D. on another planet. The Forest Guard is the protector of the seven forests and lakes. The Forest Guard is in a war with an ugly, hard, rough, enemy called the Horde and their leader Teeleh, who live in the desert. Johnis's father tries to get into the Forest Guard by participating in a contest where one team tries to get the ball across the field to the other team's goal. The Forest Guard leader, Thomas Hunter, is in charge of holding the contest to see which of the persons will win the rank of officer. Unfortunately, Johnis's father doesn't win. The weird thing is, Johnis himself wins one of the spots in the Forest Guard by sneaking the ball. Also, Silvie, Darsel, and Billos win. To show their worthiness, the four strangers have to bring back one Catalina cactus each. The adventure is really action-packed and somewhat funny. Along the way, they meet furry little bats that want to help and black bats that have no pupils and want them dead. They also do something that will please Thomas Hunter and save thousands of lives. If you want to know how Johnis wins the contest, and find out what happens on the rest of the journey they take, you just have to read the book.

My favorite part is when Johnis sneaks the Horde ball all the way across the field and gets voted into the Forest Guard. I like this because the audience was surprised that a sixteen year old boy could sneak the ball. Also Johnis did that thing behind everyone’s back and got away with it. That is very daring, and I like it. My favorite character is Thomas Hunter, because his last name is my first name. Also he loses his temper fast, like me. Thomas Hunter also leads a people against a great threat to his society, and I find that very inspiring.

I would recommend this book to ages 9 and up because there is some violence but the book is very action-packed, has adventure, and has a surprise at every corner.