1 Mama Played Baseball

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Mama Played Baseball

Written by David A. Adler

Illustrated by Chris O'Leary

Reviewed by TG (age 9)

Mama Played Baseball

This story is about a moma that plays baseball. She tries to make playing baseball a job. So, she went ot the tryouts. The guy hit a baseball over her head. She jum[ped up and cuaght the baseball. Then Mama tried hitting. She missed the ball two times then she hit the ball to the pitcher. Mama made the baseball team. Her team own the game. They celebrated because they won. Mama and the little girl went to the train station. People started to get off the train. There were soldiers coming out of the train. Her dad came out and gave her a big hug.

This story reminds me about playing baseball. I played baseball like Mama did. You should read this book because you can learn how to play baseball like her. You can become a professional baseball player like Mama. This book aslo helps me understand America's history.