1 Runt

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Written by Marion Bauer

Illustrated by Mairon bauer

Reviewed by Angelica F. (age 10)


In the Minnesota woods, four great pups were born. Their names were Leader, Sniffer, Runner, and Thinker born to a wolf pack. Then there is just one more very small pup born. They named it Runt because that was the only name they could think of. He couldn't leave the den.

Runt finally left the den and sniffed the air. Everything was new to him. He had to begin his journey. One of his brothers died because of a porcupine.

Another one of his brothers died because of a Bull Mooose. Runt was very sad because Helper was the one who taught him his fighting skills. Since then, Runt hadbeen impressing his father more. Runt really wished he could help Bider bring the mouse home to fill their bellies. Bider took him to where humans and cows lived. Bider ripped off one of the cow's tails and told him to give it to his father. His father refused the tail. King had a fight with Bider and King won. Runt wanted his name to be Provide, but he knew that would never happen. Bider dies because he ate poison meat. Runt was very unhappy because everyone he was close to dies and because his father didn't love him.

I would not change anything about this story because it is good. My favorite part is when Runt is on his little journey through the storm. My favorite character is Runt because he sort of reminds me of myself. My least favorite character is Bider because he is always rude to Runt.

I can relate to this book because I get in trouble sometimes and try to impress my elders. I think others should read this book, especially if you are an animal lover.