1 Tigers at Twilight

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Tigers at Twilight

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Charles S. (age 8)

Tigers at Twilight

This story is about two kids, Jack and Annie, who went to India. As two monkeys lead the way through the jungle, Jack and Annie swung from vines and almost got eaten by a tiger. The tiger got caught by some hunters. Jack and Annie heard the tiger yelping and they freed the tiger from the trap. Teddy, who was a boy who had been turned into a dog by a magic spell, scared the tiger off. When they got home the spell on Teddy was broken, and he turned back into a boy.

I liked this book because two kids went to India to find a flower that could break the spell off of Teddy. I’ve never been to India but I really want to go. My father’s been there. The characters were really interesting because of the things they did and how they did it. I think I would like to be friends with them. My favorite part was when they were swinging on a vine and almost got eaten by the tiger. I made me feel frightened then fine.

I recommend this book to second graders because a lot of them check out Magic Tree House books. I think they would enjoy the part where Jack and Annie swing from vines and almost got eaten by a tiger. I think Travis B. would like to read this book because he likes Magic Tree House books, and I don’t think he’s read this one.