1 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Written by Mark Twain

Illustrated by Pablo Marcos Studio

Reviewed by Ford P. (age 9)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is a very mischievous boy, he steals doughnuts, sugar and anything else he can find. He ran away from his aunt because when he and his friend Huck Finn were out in the cemetery one night, they saw Injun Joe, a bad guy with some of his friends. Injun Joe was planning to dig up someone's grave. Joe was paying one of his friends to dig up the grave.

Injun Joe's friend said that he wanted more money, meanwhile Injun Joe's other friend was asleep. Injun Joe didn't want to pay more money. So he stabbed his friend and then put his knife in his other friend's hand. Tom and Huck saw all that and ran as fast as they could to get away.

There was a trial the next day and Tom and Injun Joe were there. Tom told the court who had killed Injun Joe's friend. Then Injun Joe ran away. Tom thought that Injun Joe would try to hurt him, so he ran away too! Read the book to find out what happens to Tom!

I really liked the illustrations in this book because they were detailed. The book I read was an old version that had great drawings that were colored and black and white.

My favorite part was when Tom and Huck were hiding in the back of the church and everyone was inside crying because they were sad that they had run away. Then Tom and Huck came out and everybody hugged them!

I liked this book because it was very funny. For example when Tom's aunt gave him a treat and as he walked out he also hooked a doughnut. Tom also tricked kids into whitewashing the fence for him.

I recommend this book to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders because it is very funny and it has a lot of great vocabulary!