Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery

Written by David Adler
Illustrated by Susanna Natti

Reviewed by Juliet S (age 7)


Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery is about a girl named Cam Jansen who has a really good memory. Her real name is Jennifer, but when people noticed her great memory they started calling her "the camera." But then it was shortened to Cam. There is always a mystery in her books. Cam has a friend named Eric Shelton. Cam and Eric like each other a lot and always try to solve the mystery. They are trying to solve who stole the chocolate bars. Is Cam going to solve this mystery? Read this book to find out.

I feel happy when I read Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery. It makes me feel brave. If you read this book you will feel the same way as me. Cam has a very good memory, but in this book she has an even better memory, because she solves a really hard mystery. I love this book so much because I really want to have a good memory. My favorite part is when Cam has to remember what the police are wearing. Because she has such a good memory I wish I was her.

I recommend this book to anybody who has trouble with remembering things and also people who like mysteries, because Cam has a very good memory. I think kids 6 and up will understand this book. You will love this book so much! You have to read it!

Juliet S is a student in Annie and Tara's 2nd Grade Class