1 Pinky and Rex and the Bully

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Pinky and Rex and the Bully

Written by James Howe

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Reviewed by Lena F. (age 7)

Pinky and Rex and the Bully

Do you want to read a great book? Do you want to read a book about two best friends? Then this book would be a great book for you. This book is about a bully named Keven who’s teasing Pinky because his name is Pinky and his favorite color is pink. One day, Pinky was riding his bike and Keven kicked him off his bike and said, “Get up sissy, or I’ll tell everybody in school that you’re a girl!” Will Pinky stand up for himself? Will the bully stop picking on Pinky? Read the book and find out.

I think the author is trying to tell that when a bully is picking on you, you should stand up for yourself and be the bravest you could be. My favorite part was when Keven said, “Hi girls,” to Pinky and Rex. That made Pinky mad because he’s a boy, so he stood up for himself. He made Keven go away! That part is my favorite part because Pinky felt good, and that made me happy and it made me feel warm inside of me. When Pinky is sad because he’s getting bullied, a lady named Mrs. Morgan would make Pinky feel better. That reminds me of when it was my cousin’s birthday and when the party was over, I did not want to go and I was sad, so my cousin made me feel better. I infer that Mrs. Morgan is very kind because she always makes Pinky feel better when he is sad. My favorite character is Mrs. Morgan because she’s very kind and sweet.

I recommend this book to all ages because it teaches you how to take care of a bully, and if you know how to take care of a bully, then a bully won’t tease you.