1 Milo the Really Big Bunny

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Milo the Really Big Bunny

Written by Stephen Krensky

Illustrated by Melissa Suber

Reviewed by Emilee B. (age 8)

Milo the Really Big Bunny

If you like Easter then, listen up! Because this story is about a bunny named Milo. He was a big bunny. Everybody laughed at him becuase he can not do anything at all. He wasn't quick like a bunny. Milo could not do anything until one day he was walking and saw a sign. The sign said, "Help Wanted." He thought, maybe I can help. Read to find out what happens to Milo.

I like this book because this book is set around Easter and my birthday is around then. The characters in this book were both humorus and interesting because of how they learned their lessons. Also, I learned a lesson from reading this book it is, how to care.

I recommend this book to kids that like funny Easter stories.