1 Pinky and Rex and the Bully

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Pinky and Rex and the Bully

Written by James Howe

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Reviewed by Sarah D. (age 7)

Pinky and Rex and the Bully

Do you want to read a book about friendship? Then this is the book for you. Pinky and Rex and the Bully is about Pinky being bullied by a boy named Kevin. Kevin pushes Pinky off his bike and says, “Pinky is a girl! Pinky is a girl!” Pinky’s neighbor Mrs. Morgan helped Pinky get the bully away. Mrs. Morgan also invited Pinky in for cookies and lemonade. Later on, Rex comes and joins them for cookies and lemonade. One day Pinky changed his name to Billy because pink got him in trouble. He changed his name back to Pinky because if you like a color that got you in trouble, still like that color, it’s ok. He saw the bully again. Will he stand up for himself? You will have to read the book to find out. I think James Howe is telling a lesson. The lesson is if someone’s bullying you, stand up for yourself. Don’t just let them bully you.

My favorite part is when Mrs. Morgan invites Pinky for cookies and lemonade. Mrs. Morgan was being really nice to let Pinky in. I loved this part because Mrs. Morgan was just being nice so Pinky would feel better about the bully. I liked Pinky because he was an interesting character. Pinky changed because he changed his name and his favorite color. He changed his name and his favorite color because Kevin was picking on him. Kevin was also an interesting character because he changed from mean to meaner. He was never that nice. He never said one nice word. I liked the illustrations because it looked like it was happening in real life. Melissa Sweet’s illustrations made me get a clear picture in my mind. As I was reading the book it made me think about another Pinky and Rex book. Pinky and Rex and the New Neighbors is what the book reminded me of. It is also written by the same author.

I recommend this book because it has a lesson that all kids should know. It is good for 2nd-3rd graders. I give this book 4 golden stars for having such a good lesson. It is a great book. I also recommend this book because it’s good for everyone in 2nd-3rd grade.