1 The Starving Time

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The Starving Time

Written by Patricia Hermes

Illustrated by Glenn Harrington

Reviewed by Scott S. (age 11)

The Starving Time

The Starving Time is Elizabeth's diary about her life in Jamestown, Virginia. Elizabeth's friends, Jessie and Captain John Smith, are leaving on a ship to return to England. They are going back and giving her other diary to her brother. Her brother could not make the journey from Englad to Virginia with her family because he had weak lungs. Elizabeth's diary is the only way to communicate with her brother, Caleb.

With John Smith gone, there wasn't anybody to keep peace with the Indians. His absence created problems with the food supply and the Indians. While waiting for the food supply ship, many people died of starvation in Virginia. With no peace between the people of Jamestown and the Inidans, trading was very low. Their only hope ws to find food before winter came.

Elizabeth's life continued to be very disappointing and sad. Once she tried to go to meet Pocahontas to make peace with the Indians, but was stopped by two Indian men who wouldn't allow it. Also, her mother died from illness. She really started to lose hope, but a couple of months later, her brother, Caleb, surprised her and came to Virginia on the supplies ship. The supply ship brought food, a new leader named Lord de La Warre, and boys and girls for her to become friends with. Life became better for Elizabeth and her family.

If I could, I would change the parts in the story where they were starving because most of the time it led to people dying. My favorite part in the story is when Caleb finally comes to Virginia because now Elizabeth can have someone to play with. My favorite character is Papa because he gets the town food and tried to keep the family positive. My least fovorite character is John Bridger because he and his family stole food from Elizabeth's family.

This story relates to my life because in the book people get very hungry and sometimes I forget my lunch at home so I know how they feel. I think others should read this book because it tells about America's history and how it first got started.