1 The Wizard Heir

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The Wizard Heir

Written by Cinda Williams Chima

Reviewed by Joel P. (age 10)

The Wizard Heir

The story I read is called The Wizard Heir. It is the second in a trio. The story is about a kid named Joseph Mcauly; his nickname is Seph. He is a wizard from one of the 5 branches of Wier, magical people. Nonmagic people are called Anaweir. The other types of weir are seers, sorcerers, warriors ,and enchanters.

Seph Mcauly was an orphan. He went to many schools and got expelled. One day his guardian sent him to a school in Maine called The Havens. After a few days, he met with the headmaster. He soon realized he was a wizard, also. The headmaster said he could train Seph. Seph agreed at first, but then the headmaster said he would have to link with him. Seph decided it was a bad idea so he said no. The haedmaster said he couldn't train him then. Again, Steph said no. After a few days he started getting bad dreams. Then after about a half a year he met another wizard who said he could help him. Seph agreed. They began learning magic. After a while the other magician escaped. Then, Seph's guardian, an enchateress, took him to live with her.

Seth got used to living with her, her sister, her nephew who was a warrior. One day he found a girlfriend and went on a picnic with her. He got attacked by the headmaster, but got away. Then another time, he went out with her, and he got trapped and taken away. Someone came to rescue him, but got trapped and then there was a huge battle when more wizards came and then tried to get out. They got out and he went back to living with his guardian.

I would not change this story because it is good and I could not make it any better. My favorite part of the story is during the big battle because it is exciting. My favorite character is Seph Mcauly because I am just like him. My least favorite character is Haven's Headmaster, because he is so evil and wants to take over the world and will kill anyone to get it.

I can realate to this book because the main character, Seph, needs to solve many problems and I do also in my life. I would recommend this book to anyone because it is a well-written action filled story.