1 Try Again, Hannah

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Try Again, Hannah

Written by Annette Smith

Illustrated by Priscilla Cutter

Reviewed by Alex P. (age 8)

Try Again, Hannah

Do you want to read a book about not giving up? Then this is the book for you. Try Again, Hannah is about a girl named Hannah. She likes gymnastics. The problem is she almost gives up. Her coach helped Hannah get on the bar. Hannah kept falling down because it was hard for her. Will she give up or not? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part is when Hannah did not give up on the bar. I like this part because I like how the illustrator shows the picture how Hannah did not give up. I like Hannah because she is a good character, because she’s always smiling. I felt sad because when Hannah fell off the bar then she cried.

I recommend this book because it teach you a good lesson about not giving up. If you like gymnastics this is the book for you.