1 The Mystery of King Karfu

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The Mystery of King Karfu

Written by Doug Cushman

Illustrated by Doug Cushmas

Reviewed by Mikki B. (age 9)

The Mystery of King Karfu

Do you like mysteries? Then listen up to this now because you will be surprised. This story is about a professor going to Egypt. One day he got a letter from one of his friends asking him come quick to Egypt because someone had stolen the Stone Chicken. So the next day the professor went on a boat to Egypt. After he got there he looked in the tent that had had the Stone Chicken and he found three clues and three suspects. These are their names: the Cook, Dr. Amos Ramspell and Janet Slugg. The next night the professor and his friend went into the stealers tent. If you want to find out what’s next then get this book!

My favorite part was when the professor got seasick on the boat to Egypt. Why? Because I thought it was really funny! I found the professor and the Cook very interesting. How? Because I thought they were funny and interesting a lot. I think this book is really good.

I recommend this book because I like mystery books.