1 Edwina

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Written by Mo Willems

Illustrated by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Cara M. (age 9)


Have you ever seen a dinosaur who didn’t know it was extinct? If you haven’t then listen up. This book is about a dinosaur named Edwina. She helped everyone. She also madelots of cookies. Everybody loved her except for Reginald. He told the whole class that Edwina was extinct. But they didn’t believe him. He tried putting up flyers but everyone made hats out of them. Then he cried and sobbed “No one will listen!” Read to find out if Edwina is extinct or not.

My favorite part was when Reginald told the whole class that dinosaurs are extinct. I loved the illustrations. Edwina reminded me of my Grams because she always listens to my questions. And she always helps other people.

I recommend this book to my teacher because she is funny and so is Edwina.