1 Dear Mr. Blueberry

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Dear Mr. Blueberry

Written by Simon James

Illustrated by Simon James

Reviewed by Allyson N. (age 9)

Dear Mr. Blueberry

Have you ever written a letter to your teacher? Well Emily has. She sends one almost every day. Emily is a little girl who writes letters to her teacher Mr. Blueberry. She writes that she thinks there is a whale in her pond and she wants information about whales. She also knows that the whale only shows up at night. In the morning at her house she sneaks out and puts food in the pond. Emily sends letters to get information and to talk to her teacher about things going on in her life. Read this book to find out what happens to Emily, Mr. Blueberry, and the whale.

I think the book is the book our teacher read to our class but in this book Emily is a little girl writing letters to her teacher thinking there is a whale in her pond. I like the book because it is always written like a letter and that’s what made me want to turn the page to see what her teacher says about what Emily wrote. Emily sort of reminded me of me because she sends letters to her teacher and I give letters and pictures to my teacher. The whale changes in the story because in the beginning you only see the tail but later in the story you get to see the head of the whale.

I recommend this book to people who just want to read a good book or who like to write letters and receive them because the book is all letters that the teacher and Emily are sending to each other and it is a good book.