1 The Library Dragon

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The Library Dragon

Written by Carmen Agra Deedy

Illustrated by Michael p. White

Reviewed by Max F. (age 6) & Dmitry R. (age 7)

The Library Dragon

The Library Dragon got the job because she calls the number in the newspaper. She got confused about what the principal said. The principal meant to take care of the books, but let the kids read the books. The children can not read because of the Library Dragon. She burns a book about killing a dragon. A teacher named Miss Lemon comes in with the children. Miss Scales sharpens her claws in a pencil sharpener. That is weird! The principal gave her the job to take care of the books. Instead, she burns the children because they touched a book. They're supposed to read the books. The scales fall off of Miss Scales. She has an Acme 500 Book Detector. It finds books that are in children's pockets or hands. The dragon reads to the kids. Here are some funny things that happen. The kids come back burned. The scales are bookmarks. She reads Snuff the Magic Dragon. She tries to burn a teacher. Molly sits on the dragon's lap and says, "You are warm." The dragon burns the principal. There is a funny ending. Read this book to find out.

We like the illustrations because they are funny. We like the dragon because she burns kids because they touch the books. We think that is funny. One of the weird things is she burns the principal. It takes place in the library. It reminds us of a show called Dragon Tales. The dragon asks, "Who does the firing?" The principal decides who gets fired from the job, but the dragon thinks he means who spits fire.

We recommend this book to librarians and people who like dragons because the librarian is a dragon. We recommend it to people who like libraries. We recommend it to people who have a library in their school. We recommend this book to kids from six to nine. We don't recommend it to toddlers because it would be too scary for them. We recommend it to people in the Manhattan New School.