1 Emily and Alice Best Friends

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Emily and Alice Best Friends

Written by Joyce Champion

Illustrated by Sucie Stevenson

Reviewed by Antonia T (age 7)

Emily and Alice Best Friends

Have you ever had a friend that won’t agree on anything you do? Emily and Alice are new best friends, but when there is a rainy day… Alice will not go to Emily’s house and Emily will not go to Alice’s house! When one of the girls’ stuffed animals gets sick, they can’t agree on what to do! It’s a problem. For instance, in Emily and Alice Best Friends, Alice’s stuffed animal is sick! Alice and Emily have to help him but… Emily wants to skate instead! To find out what happens, read the book!

My favorite part was when Emily rushes to make baby Sam better just so they can go skating. “ I am the doctor,” Emily announces. “And this is special medicine. It will make Baby Sam better in no time. NOW LET’S GO SKATING.” Emily is not a really patient girl, right? Alice is a different story… Alice is a patient and creative girl! I liked Emily and Alice because Alice moves next door to Emily and she need to make new friends. I felt sad because I’m going to move out of the city soon too!! It helps me understand how excited Emily was with Alice as her new neighbor. Alice was sad to leave all of her old friends. But Emily’s so excited she shouted… “Oh- there’s a NEW NEIGHBOR! MAYBE SHE LIKES DOLLS!”

I recommend this book to people who like books with two best friend and problems. My advice is NEVER, NEVER have a best friend that won’t agree on anything!