1 The Hello, Goodbye Window

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The Hello, Goodbye Window

Written by Norton Juster

Illustrated by Chris Raschka

Reviewed by Avianna A. (age 7) & Emily S. (age 7)

The Hello, Goodbye Window

There are three people in this story, the Nanna, the Poppy, and the little child. Nanna and Poppy lived in a great house. It had a hello goodbye window. Their grandaughter loved to scare them in the window! She also plays peek a boo and makes silly faces. She makes big smiles in the window. The nanna likes to pretend that she is the Queen of England in the window. The girl thinks that the window is magical.

Avianna's favorite character is Nanna because it reminds her of her own Nanna. Emily's favorite character is Poppy because he is fun. Avianna's favorite thing is the pictures because they are done in a cool way. It looks kind of like paint and scrapings. Emily's favorite thing is the words because she likes how they sound. We also like the characters because they are fun and they play together.

We recommend this book to kindergarten, first grade, and second grade because if you have a grandma and grandfather it would be fun.