1 Report to the Principal's Office

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Report to the Principal's Office

Written by Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Taylor T. (age 10)

Report to the Principal's Office

This is an interesting book about a girl named Sunny who goes to a new school, Plumstead Middle. She does not like the new school. She really wants to go to the same school as her best friend. To get expelled, she tries to get into the worst possible trouble. The principal is a funny man. And he ALWAYS wears a bow tie.

I love this book because it is very funny! It had great ideas. Things that happened in the story could happen in real life. My favorite part is when Sunny told her friend to not wash her hair until she was expelled from Plumstead. This was my favorite part because I never thought she would make her do it! When they washed it, their hair turned greasy and gross. I also liked the story because it was silly. You'd never imagine seeing a principal riding a skateboard in the hallways!

I recommend this book to any one 8 and up. There is nothing bad, violent, or sad about this book. If you like comedy, then check this book out!